Scandis Are Weird: Part Two (Björk)

On Wednesday, Dirty Projectors, one of my new favorite bands, released their collaborative album, Mount Wittenberg Orca, with Björk. I won’t write too much about the music itself – you’ll have to listen to it yourself to decide if you like it. But, I thought it would be a great chance for me to show you this:

Weekend Update: Bjork


Larry King Live: Bjork

Kristin Wiig is a genius. One of the funniest women people out right now. I don’t mean to use proof by example, but it certainly makes me question Aaron’s gender-comedy hypothesis.


One Response to “Scandis Are Weird: Part Two (Björk)”

  1. I didn’t say that was my hypothesis, just that it could ungenerous hypothesis. I love me some Wiig too. Her minor bit in Adventureland killed me.

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